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“I think Ohavei Torah is the right fit for a family that’s looking for excellence in education, for growth in middos, for maturity and taking responsibility for one’s actions. It’s the place for a boy who wants to take life seriously and develop lifelong skills – skills that will be utilized and further developed throughout his life and career.”
Rabbi Zvi Bloom, Parent & Executive Director, Torah Umesorah
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“This Yeshiva is right for anybody who wants to work and is willing to accept that not everybody is the same. We all grow together and develop together with the understanding that the goal is not to be exactly like each other, but rather to be the best we can be. In fact, we complement each other and try to help each other out. So, if you’re willing to work and willing to accept, this Yeshiva is for you.”
Ari Kleinhendler, Student
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The rebbeim and teachers at Ohavei have built me up so that if I decide I want to go with a learning track, they have given me four years of excellence in learning, and if I want to follow the English track they have given me the knowledge, the Regents, the AP credits, the SATs and all the requisites needed to make it in the business world as well.”
Yisrael Meir Schuster, Student
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“The thing that surprised me most was how accessible Rabbi Pechter was to everyone. From the day I came in to Yeshiva, he was always there for me as friend. True, as a menahel and a rebbe, we look up to him and respect him, but at the same time, he remains a friend through and through, someone I can go to with any problem or any question because in the end, his whole life is centered around helping the bochurim – including me personally. I sat with him each day and he would learn with me. Which other menahel takes the time out of his day to learn with a bochur?”
Menachem Lobell, alumnus
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About the Yeshiva

With hundreds of alumni now gracing the ranks of some of the foremost Yeshivos and kollelim, accomplished educators and young leaders in all facets of the community, the prototype of the YOT talmid has a clearly established identity both in terms of the individual,as well as in the broader context of Klal Yisroel. It is an identity that embodies individuality, self-confidence and ambition.

Leading mechanchim, marbitzei Torah and lay leaders have pointed to the exceptional hallmark of shleimus and well-roundedness as the defining characteristics of the Ohavei Torah graduate; a balanced and encompassing drive for excellence and perfection in all areas of one’s development as a wholesome and productive ben Torah.

The dynamics behind this phenomenon are the pioneering approach and methodology of Yeshiva Ohavei Torah in fostering well-rounded growth and development. A multifaceted and strategic chinuch model that nurtures the encompassing and robust foundations for a talmid to excel and succeed on whatever path life will ultimately take him.

Meet our Rebbeim

Rabbi Chaim Pechter

Rabbi Naftoli Tescher

Sgan Menahel
Rabbi Pinchas Fishelis

Menahel, Secular Studies
Rabbi Yaakov Tesser

Executive Director
Rabbi Yaakov Pechter

Rebbe, Ninth Grade
Rabbi Zvi Pelberg

Rebbe, Tenth Grade
Rabbi Yehuda Goldfeder

Rebbe, Eleventh Grade
Rabbi Ephraim Sussman

Rebbe, Twelfth Grade
Rabbi Ely Karp

Second Seder Rebbe, Twelfth Grade
Rabbi Leib Rottenberg

Second Seder Rebbe, Twelfth Grade
Rabbi Ephraim Neumann

Bekius Rebbe, Tenth & Eleventh Grade
Director of Special Affairs
Rabbi Zechariah Noble

Mashgiach Ruchni
Rabbi Yaakov Geldwerth

Night Seder Rebbe
Rabbi Shimon Saslow

Night Seder Rebbe
Rabbi Esriel Dreyfuss

Rosh Kollel, Kollel Nefesh Chaya
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3 Teves 5782

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